Now offering Payment Terms including 3, 6, 12, and 18 months. We work with your budget!

Web Design

This includes the full website design of all of the pages, pictures, and text. If you have a logo, we will use that. If you don't, then we partner with a designer to get you a logo. Logo creation is an extra that we can add to the basic project cost. I start with the first page’s design, and once you approve it, I’ll start work on the rest of the website.
Basic email with unlimited accounts is free for your business.
This includes any updates to the text, pages, and images. If you need me to add a whole new page, it will incur an hourly rate of $100. The cost of this is usually 50 dollars/month or spread out over the year for a cost of $600. That gives you an average of half an hour a month included in the basic maintenance price. If you require more work than that, the hourly rate kicks in.
I also offer a cloud alternative to Google that is 100% censorship-free and incurs either a monthly or yearly cost. It's 10 dollars a month for 1 TB of storage per domain. If you would like more, we can increase that with increments of $5.00 per 1 TB of storage. In this suite, you have document creation, much like Google, and a drive that you can use to share documents with your employees and/or customers.
I own my own servers and have no affiliation with any online hosting providers. Censorship doesn't happen with my web design or hosting company.

Sometimes, this causes some difficult situations with current domain names. Since I use my own software, domain names must be transferred to one of the listed companies below. The software I use only works with a handful of companies.

I typically transfer the domain to my account and handle all the frustration of dealing with the domain names. If this is what we do, we’ll use a contract to release the domain name if you choose to move away from Nookscape Publishing. I can assist you with moving your domain name to one of the listed companies below. The cost of hosting with me is usually $20/month or $240/year.
I work with a professional photographer and videographer. We can create commercials and custom videos to your website. The photographer or videographer would come out to your premises and take videos or photos, and I’ll get them added to your website. You also get the original files to keep forever. Prices for this service vary depending on the package you need. If this is something you want, I can create a proposal for the photo or video add-on.
I can also create an online store and add the products you want to sell online. The maintenance portion of the design package doesn’t apply to this. We will create a different contract for the store, or I will charge $100/hour for updating it. This kind of contract is cheaper, since that is a set cost per year. The upfront cost for the store is $400 on top of the basic setup package.
● AWS Route53
● Cloudflare
● DigitalOcean
● Gandi LiveDNS
● GoDaddy
● Google Cloud DNS
● Hetzner
● Linode
● Namecheap
● Netcup
● Vultr
● Wildcard
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